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Alice Tuesday January 7, 2014
Love the products, especially the pigments!! they last long & they are very pigmented & bold :-. My only issue is the length of time it takes to get the order in. Other then that like i said i love the products!! :-
From: Baytown, Texas
Shaiyanne Tuesday January 7, 2014
I love your pigments i already have 6 and I just ordered more and will continue untill I have all the pigments , also keep the tutorials coming I can watch them all day ! Thank you !
From: South Florida
Monica till Tuesday January 7, 2014
Thankyou Kasey! your cosmetic line is great...the makeup is soooo well made, very nice quality! and rich and pigmented! Love Love your pigments :
jocelyn Tuesday January 7, 2014
hi Casey!i am 23 years old mother of two and looking for a new look for my new life .love youre make up. what do recomend to start of with? i stop buying make up long time ago so i need a little of everything....pls help me!!!!!!
From: los angeles
Bekka Tuesday January 7, 2014
Hope to see you selling on QVC or HSN some day :
From: Nashville, TN
RUBY Tuesday January 7, 2014
i love kasey and all her video. I ordered a few products and im sad to say this but the customer service is horrible. Ive tried everything to try and fix my problem and no one seems to return texts emails or calls. HATE TO GIVE A BAD REVIEW BUT ITS THE TRUTH. & THE TRUTH SHOULD BE HEARD TOO.
From: harlingen tx
Malia Tuesday January 7, 2014
I have been searching for the perfect color pink lipstick for ever and now I have it! Romance! And the sample of love poems, beautiful color purple. Can't wait to order more stuff, Thanks kasey!
From: San Francisco
Chels Tuesday January 7, 2014
I waited about 3 weeks for the shipping but the products are great! I couldnt be happier. Dress maker eye pigment is my favorite. It is a sparkly black thats blendable with any color for a smokey eye! I ordered dreamy lip gloss, ahh so pretty! I get compliments on my makeup all the time. Your company will go far! :
From: Sacramento ca
Sasnuhy Tuesday January 7, 2014
Absoluteley one of the most pigmented products I have EVER seen in my life ! I ordered the birthday girl set and make me glow blush-they are fantastic! excellent color payoff, very smooth, creamy, amazing texture, and i love that there are many colors and textures to choose from in the pigments and eyeshadows. However, it would be great if you could include more "color" in your lipsticks, I understand that you love nudes looks friggin gorgeous on u btw but we color lovin gals would love some other colored lipsticks too cant wait for my 2nd order which is on da way!!! xoxo love from ARMENIA
From: Yerevan, Armenia
Jacqueline Tuesday January 7, 2014
I love your cosmetics
From: Houston, Texas
cyndi Tuesday January 7, 2014
hey kasey, thanks for the pigments I ordered because its the new thing to talk about now. while everyone is buying their naked pallets and ranting about it, im ranting about my pigments and how high quality it is!
From: Sacramento CA
Mireya Melchor Tuesday January 7, 2014
I ordered goddess and vintage and I can't wait to recreate your star struck makeup look!
From: San Jose, Ca
Stephanie Tuesday January 7, 2014
Iv recently subscribed to your youtube channel and I obsolutely love ur tutorials. Im a makeup freak and love to try new make up products. Hopefully I should be buying tons of Your makeup soon :D Btw Youre Obsolutely Beautiful!!!
From: Alabama
Marlen Tuesday January 7, 2014
I love all your make up, muuuah!!!
From: Long island
Renee Martinez Tuesday January 7, 2014
I am very pleased with my purchase. I ordered on Thursday, and on Monday it was in my mail box!! I love the eyshadows. They are super pretty and pigmented. I will purchase again!!
From: Sweetwater, TX
Alara Tuesday January 7, 2014
I'm from Turkey and i want to order some items. But i don't know how to. Can you help me please?
From: Turkey
Bobbi Rice Tuesday January 7, 2014
Just made my firt purchase...can't wait to receive them:)
From: Los Angeles
Misty Armstrong Tuesday January 7, 2014
I just wanted to say, I stumbled upon your YouTube page StillGlamMommy a few years ago, which lead me to your Glam YouTube page, which lead to me following you since then! You're such an inspiration and great mommy with such beautiful kids. You're just amazing! I don't know how you do it all. I look forward to sampling your cosmetic line very soon! By the way, your make up tutorials have taught me SO MUCH! Thank you for all you do for your fans & God bless you & your beautiful family!
From: Purvis, Mississippi
Sasnuhy Tuesday January 7, 2014
Lovin ur pigments
From: Armenia
Nubia Tuesday January 7, 2014
I placed an order, I tried calling several times but your mailbox is full. On site, its says 5-10 business days, but its been longer than that. When should people expect their products?
From: NY, NY
Vanessa Tuesday January 7, 2014
Hello! I was just curious to know if you make all of your products yourself because I've seen a video using still glamorus cosmetics and I noticed the quality seemed very good but I had never heard of this brand before then. I was just wondering. :)
From: Los Angeles, Ca
Crystal Tuesday January 7, 2014
Hey Kasey just wanted to say your such a beautiful young lady and I realy enjoy watching your videos! :)
From: El Paso Texas
Dimitra Tuesday January 7, 2014
Dear Kasey I watched a video of yours by chance and i have to say that I was impressed. I dont work and i have 2 kids. You are amazing and although i like to make up a lot , you ve learned me much regarding cosmetics , colours that we can use ways of make up ourselfs even in our everyday life. I have watched almost all your videos and I like them so much that I want to see them again and again. I hope your family and you are always well and healthy. All the best in what you do. keep on doing it !!!You are great!!!!
From: Greece , Kalamata
Karla Tuesday January 7, 2014
I love the name of your company and am inspired by your talent and beautiful personality! I am 60 years old!"Still Glamorus" means forever!
From: California
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