Angel, Spirit, and Energy Card readings are a way to gain clarity and offer guidance to specific situations you may be going through in your life.

My intention is to offer guidance as a way to help you better navigate your path. Card readings are done via email and will be completed within 2 days or sooner from the time your question is submitted.
If you choose to book a reading with me,

I ask you to be open and willing to accept the divine guided messages.

*My readings are for guidance

*I do not work with Tarot cards


Before thinking of your question, be sure you are in a space that you are open to receiving what you NEED to know and not what you WANT to hear.

Next, decide if you already know the answer to your question and if you do, then ask yourself why you do not trust your own self with that answer.

You may find that you want to ask a different question. 


  • Whispers from a greater presence 
  • Inspiration, guidance and a fresh perspective
  • Encouragement
  • Support
  • Sources for reflection and introspection  
  • Fun, exploration and curiosity
  • An illumination of the energy around a person or thing in the present moment


  • Predict the future
  • Make decisions
  • Bypass self-awareness, alignment, and inner work
  • Passively seek the answers outside of yourself
1 card reading
$11.11 $5.55
3 card reading
$33.33 $16.00
4 card reading
$44.44 $20.22

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