My name is Kasey, I am the founder and owner of Still
GlamorUs Cosmetics.

An indie "underground" Makeup company. Still GlamorUs Co.

Is not about trends, it's about creating products that are of the best quality and that are timeless! 

Originated and based in Tucson, Az
Still GlamorUs made its debut early March 2009.
Starting with selling just pigments with new products being added

As a busy mother and a full time worker I want to inspire young women that we still deserve to feel, look and be glamorus!! 

I enjoy being able to share my love for makeup and be an inspiration to a lot of young girls and women! So Still GlamorUs is very personal to me. I've learned a lot the past 6 years of being in business. It's been a pretty rocky road, overwhelming and at times I wanted to give up. This is my passion and I will always find a way to be better at it, so I am dedicated to serving all you lovely ladies with exceptional customer service and
excellent products!

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