Opal is a stone of inspiration

which enhances imagination and creativity.


Opal has a larger proportion of water in it 

than most stones and is considered a water stone. 

This can help ease the effort of handling change in life.

Like water rolls over and past rocks and roots in its way,

the energy of opal can help continue on your path regardless of obstacles.

During times of transformation, this  is an invaluable energy to work with and hold close to your heart.

Mentally, opal is said to enhance memory. It is also used to decrease confusion.

In the psychic or spiritual realm opal is used for

high spiritual crystal energy vibrations.

It is said to be able to help one be "invisible" in situations

where one doesn't want to be noticed.

This could be used in astral journeying as well as in daily life.

It is also said to be able to help pick up

thoughts and feelings and enhance them. It is also a protective stone, said to be particularly protective in dangerous places.

Opal is used in lightwork as a

stone for strong and safe dreamwork.

Emotionally, opal brings its water energy to enhance self-esteem and sense of self-worth.

It is a soothing stone which can calm turbutlent emotions and bring a deep sense of hope and inner peace.


Traditionally in crystal healing opal has been

considered good for headaches, eyesight, Parkinson's disease,

blood, insulin regulation, PMS, and the immune system.   

Opal is often associated with the Heart Chakra and Crown Chakra, but varied color opals are also related to the additional chakras.

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